Florida Marine Science Camp Program

Program Dates: November 22-27, 2024

Typical Student Age Group: Ages 14-19

Prerequisites: Exemplary completion of Intermediate or Advanced session and 14 years of age by start of program. Registration is only available after attending an orientation meeting during the summer

Program Location: Florida

Program Costs: $2150.

About This Program

The Florida Exploration program will take students to the northwest coast of Florida, which is one of the only areas in the country where you can swim in the wild with manatees. We will study their habitat up close, meet with State Park Rangers about their work in the field, explore the unique Intercoastal waterway and include a sleepover at SeaWorld and a day at Discovery Cove.

This program is offered during the week of Thanksgiving every other year from a Friday to the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Students who will be at least 14 years of age when the program begins and whose work and attitude are exemplary may apply to attend. An informational meeting will be held during the summer sessions and students may apply as soon as the session ends.

What to Expect

Students should arrive at the Orlando International Airport on Friday before 3 pm when the group will leave for the sleepover at SeaWorld. After spending the day at SeaWorld on Saturday, the group will leave for Homosassa to stay at the Plantation Inn and Golf Resort for the remainder of the program. The Dive Shop is connected to the Inn and supplies the transportation and equipment for all of our snorkels with manatees, down the Rainbow River and at the Devil’s Den. Trips to a beach, the Archaeological Park, the Crystal River Wildlife Park and Three Sisters State Park round out the program. We return to Orlando on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving for flights home.

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