Introductory Marine Science Camp Program

Program Dates: June 16-21, 2024

Typical Student Age Group: Ages 10-12

Program Location: Seal Harbor, Maine

Program Costs: $1,600 for a one-week session

About This Program

The Introductory session is a one-week program designed to emphasize environmental discovery and exploration. The session is offered at the beginning of the summer exclusively to 10-12 year old students who are curious about the ocean and the world around them.

This hands-on program seeks to raise awareness about marine environments and stimulate an interest in the sciences through a variety of fun and engaging activities like:

  • Tidal Pool Discovery
  • Salt Marsh Exploration
  • Beach & Island Ecology
  • Boat Trips with Lobster Fishermen
  • Seal and Seabird Watches
  • Geology Hikes
  • Astronomy Lessons
  • Night Walks
  • Visits to Local Museums

What to Expect

No previous experience is expected, and the program is ideal for active learners who would enjoy an exciting and educational introduction to the coast of Maine.

Daily recreational activities like swimming, hiking and a variety of games mean that there will also be plenty of time for fun.

Program Schedule

The 2024 Introductory program runs from June 16-21. Students will spend 6 days and 5 nights in the program. The session begins on Sunday after 12 noon and ends on Friday morning.  All families are welcome to join our cookout between 11:30 and 12:30 pm on the last day. Students will gain an understanding of the basic concepts used to study the oceans such biodiversity, zonation, food chains, etc. through trips to the beaches, saltmarsh, tidal pools, and boat trips.

See a sample schedule for the Introductory Program.